EPC/EPCM Materials Engineering

Principal Engineers, Paul Cripps, P. Eng. and Laleh Barjasteh, P. Eng. have over 65 years combined EPC/EPCM experience in producing Material Selection Drawings and Reports, Corrosion Specifications and Welding Specifications for every phase (DBM, FEED, Detailed Engineering and Construction) of Oil and Gas Projects.

Our firm works directly with our EPCM parent company, OEL Projects Ltd., providing metallurgical and corrosion expertise. Both Paul and Laleh have vast experience working as Lead Engineers and Project Managers at major EPC/EPCM firms.


EPC/EPCM Key Contributions

  • Metallurgy, Corrosion and Non-Metallics
  • Fabrication and Welding
  • Piping Materials Specifications and Line Class Concepts
  • Technical Support for Intergraph SmartPlant and Aveva PDMS
  • Communicating with Engineering Project Teams


Ammonite Deliverables

  • Material Selection Diagrams and Reports (Basis)
  • Chemical Inhibitor Selection, including Biocides
  • Internal Coating and External Painting Specifications
  • Cathodic Protection Design, Materials, Installation and Annual Monitoring
  • Piping Line Class Development
  • Piping Specialty Item Datasheets
  • Line List/LDT Mechanical Section
  • Welding and NDE Specifications
  • Material Specifications for Equipment, Piping and Instrumentation, including Data Sheet


  • Piping Component Requisitions and Purchase
  • Approval of Vendor: Welding & NDE Procedures, Fabrication, Heat Treatments
  • Approval of Construction Fabrication and Welding Procedures


Experience List

  • World’s Largest: Fluid Coker, Vacuum Distillation Unit and Hydrogen Compression Unit
  • Supergiant Oil Fields and Gas Fields in Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and Russia.
  • World Scale Sour Gas Field Gathering, Compression and Processing Plants, including Large Scale Water
  • Floods in Alberta and Iran
  • Offshore Field Gas Compression and Pipelines for Vietnam
  • Subsea Wet and Dry Trees and Manifolds for Deepwater Production
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants in Iran
  • SAGD Plants in Alberta


Leading Edge Applications

  • Corrosion & Integrity monitoring in Refineries and Upgraders using Integrity Operating Windows
  • Internally (317L SS) clad piping for Vacuum Distillation Unit
  • Alloy 59 clad vessels and solid 59 internals for Upgrader’s FGD
  • Use of Cobalt super alloy for Coker expansion joints
  • Internally (nickel alloy) weld overlay piping for high velocity transfer lines