Integrity Operating Windows (IOW’s)

Corrosion prevention is vital in every step of the upgrading and refining of oil, oil sands and heavy bitumen plants. Our experience and knowledge in these plants allows us to precisely identify corrosive conditions. From these corrosive conditions, we identify the associated risks and Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) are generated.

Working closely with our clients during the development of the IOW’s, we provide on-going metallurgical support through regularly scheduled reporting of the data and troubleshooting any areas of concern.
Implementing an IOW program significantly reduces the risks associated with the following unfavorable conditions:

  • Unscheduled Shutdown
  • Unacceptable Financial Risk
  • Release of Hydrocarbon or Hazardous Fluids
  • Loss of Containment

Our firm has extensive knowledge applying API RP 584 (IOW) in oil refineries, heavy oil upgrading and SAGD processing. Our experience has brought us work in the following areas:

  • Fluid coking and delayed coking
  • H-oil (residuum hydrocracking)
  • Conventional hydrocracking
  • Hydrotreating
  • Hydrogen manufacture
  • Crude and residuum fractionation
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Amine treatment
  • Sulphur production
  • Tail gas clean-up
  • Steam and utilities
  • SAGD processing

2018 IOW Software Package
Creation of a software system that allows our clients immediate access to IOW status is underway. Testing of the alpha version is almost complete and the trial version will be available in early 2018.